‘Los que pierden las alas’ – Su PinWen’s review

Title: Los que pierden las alas

Creation and performers: Miguel Ángel Fernández and Ricardo Millor. Cía. Tiempo tras tiempo. 


Ricardo Millor closely watched a younger man, Miguel Fernández, and placed his body in any number of positions that he chose. Millor kept the younger man close by, as if he himself were the centre of their world.

My son is a chair,
My son is a mat.
My son is a young me.

It was easy to consider the relationship between the two men in suits as father and son. Not only because one dancer looked much older, but because people might not otherwise accept being treated in this way. But there was a moment that made me change my thoughts, when they were facing each other like in a mirror. Suddenly I felt the older man was looking at himself. Memories about his father, the way his father was with him when he was young.

There is a saying in Taiwanese “愛到卡慘死(ài-tio̍h khah tshám sí)”, which means: Love will make a hell. In the end, I felt strongly that I was seeing a true story, and it made me so sad: seeing an old man still suffering from his path with his own old man.

Su PinWen

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