‘L’età dell’horror’ – Alfredo Miralles’s review

Title: L’età dell’horror

Choreographer: Riccardo Buscarini

Performers: Alberto Alonso y David Peace


Two men dance. Two men dance holding hands. Two men dance holding hands from the beginning to the end. Alberto Alonso and David Peace both repeat the same physical material during almost the whole choreography, in a circular trajectory. But in every single turn around the stage, they increase the difficulty, adding something more. One thing at a time. They show a choreographic sequence and work on it insistently until it is complex enough, it can’t be more ornate and it has not only motion but intention.

Riccardo Buscarini (Italy, 1985) presents a dance exercise about the musical concept of counterpoint. In fact, the music of the performance is by J.S. Bach, one of the greatest composers of Baroque period who mastered the counterpoint technique and seems to inspire this work with his fugal composition procedure.

The choreographer uses the same principles to create a piece of dance that goes forward relentlessly, showing two men in front of each other; fighting or collaborating but for sure meeting the other. Negotiating until the end of the piece, when the two men discover the golden interior of their black clothes, alluding to the wordplay in the title (which in Italian sounds like the Golden Age). A gilded ending that seems to position the piece as a celebration. As a celebration of this dependent relationship. As a celebration of this dependent relationship that is also scary.

Alfredo Miralles


(Foto: Ángel Araujo)


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