‘Waf’ – Lydia Chang’s review

Title: w a f

Choreographer: Luiscar Cuevas. Cía. La Mínima

Performers: Luiscar Cuevas y Alberto Almazán


A rumbling background music by R. Baudoin makes the intense atmosphere in the beginning. Two men crawl like animals to the middle from both sides of the stage. When they meet for the first time, they’re as nervous and curious as if they’ve never seen each other before. They fasten their gaze on each other in a fright, and then retreat backwards. Otherwise, curiosity drives the two bodies towards making a connection.

It’s like a mirror reaction: when one side tries a sharp extension of the limbs, the each other responds in the same way. The bodies are constantly collision on the ground, and rolling over each other. We can see a shift of power between crawling and standing: they keep rising and falling. It seems like they try to find a unity. As we know, when two energies rush to collide, it becomes tension and division. After all, they realize that they are still independent individuals.

In an instant, the soft music from J.Savall: Hespèrion XXI arises. Suddenly, the two bodies have found a way to talk to each other as water flows. They transfer the wave of moment. Everything has changed with the music. In this artwork, you can see the two different forms of beauty in reaction:  strong power and soft power. As we see the emotion between the two energies, it can become a strong conflict or a tender combination.

Lydia Chang

(Foto: Ángel Araujo)


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