TR3S – Chiara Mordeglia´s review

Title: TR3S

Creation: Inés Narváez Arróspide

Performers: Inés Narváez Arróspide and Mónica Runde


There’s a curious sense of déjà vu in TR3S. Its images – a body lying face down, a static profile, a specific movement – seem already to have been presented. The displacements of the two dancers seem to follow a path of infinite circumferences, while the sound of two bells, one at the back of the stage and another at the front, provides the framework for the choreography.

Although it is a duo, the dancers belong to different universes that interact with each other only through remote communication. The performers are two well-known contestants of the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid. The younger (Inés Narváez) is the choreographer, while the other performer and dramatist (Mónica Runde) is an established figure of Spanish contemporary dance. Both move by turning their backs on the public – very interesting choice – constantly searching for ways of connecting their hips with their shoulders. While Runde works in the universe of weight and slowness, Narváez flips between stillness and speed.

The choreography may lack a solid drama: TR3S looks like a composition exercise about the concept of time and its perception. However, every element is very well attended to: the costumes, the sound space, and especially the interpretation. There is something enigmatic in this work. We are constantly invited to find a key that might unlock the hidden meaning of what is happening. The cyclic structure of the choreography does not suggest a definitive closure, but leaves open the possibility of another beginning.

Chiara Mordeglia

(Fotografía de Juan Carlos Arévalo)


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