La Doble Hélice – Lydia, Wen-Chuan CHANG´s review

Title: La Doble Hélice

Creation: Silvia Batet

Performers: Silvia Batet and Bruno Ramírez


Choreographer Silvia Batet compiles her piece from ideas of the double helix: the structure of a DNA molecule, and the code for human growth.

It’s a duet, of course: a dance for doubles. In grey boiler suits, Batet and Bruno Ramirez stay stand side by side, swinging hands and feet in a angled opposition, the shapes of “X” and “Y” forming as they reflect each other in constant motion. They move from stage left to right, then along a circular path, as the background music pulses with a heavy beat. You feel they are building a new world.

Yet even though they build a geometry from simple actions, this artwork also contains a complex mystical significance.

Lydia, Wen-Chuan CHANG

(Fotografía: Juan Carlos Arévalo)


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