‘Estudios para Anatomía-Coreografía’ – Elías Míguez’s review

Title: Estudios para Anatomía – COREOGRAFÍA

Choreographer: Natalia Fernandes

Cía. Natalia Fernandes – Projects for Anatomy

Performers: Natalia Fernandes, Dakota Comín, Isabela Rossi, Teresa Santos y Gonzalo Simón


Countdown: 10 minutes

Four dancers in the stage, dressed with different black fabrics, four runways.

First: they execute the choreography


Then: they start to play with the choreographic elements:

Duration             | Repetition | Intention | Levels

Placement       | Displacement | Velocity    | …


Like in a morgue, Natalia Fernandes tries to dissect a body, a choreographic corpse. In the process we can feel at least two things: first, that the choreography is a non-dead body which can be manipulated by both Fernandes and her performers. Second, that the choreography is not a narrative script, but a work in progress.


Countdown: 5 minutes

Twist | Pause | Silence | …

First: There is a runway change.

Second: some new elements clearly appear – but what elements?

Strength  | Contortion | Distortion | Suspension


This change comes at the half-way stage, and even if this is because of a lack of lack of time, or because of a choreographic decision, the feeling is that it comes too soon: there were still more possibilities to explore.

Deadline: 00

Surprisingly, at the end of the countdown the lights don’t go out, nor does the movement stop. Even in the end, we still have a couple of seconds to appreciate the accumulation of the study in the bodies.


Elias Miguez

(Foto: Ángel Araujo)

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