‘A.C.A Y MAZALLÁ’ – Alfredo Miralles’s review


Creation: Laura Alcalá y Emma Riba. Cía. ACA

Performers: David Menéndez, Laura Alcalá y Emma Riba


The radio is on. The show starts and you realize that some music has already been playing playing for a while. When did it start? It doesn’t matter, the program is on air. So focus, and try to catch some information: unions that call a garbage strike, children who sing the christmas lottery, a plague of goats with mange…


This choreography works as a methodology. The device consists of two dancers and an actor, three crazy journalists who create a scenic radio program based on local, recent and real news. While David Menéndez plays the role of a radio announcer who starts to report some headlines of the city where the piece is being performed, Laura Alcalá and Emma Riba (not only dancers but the authors of this mechanism) develop some moves in relationship with them: abstract actions mixed with gestures that refer to the text, such as little girls singing, cleanerss using imaginary brooms, or even goats becoming crazy. Soon, the headlines start to mix, creating absurd statements, more and more improbable and funny – a process reflected in the dancers’ bodies.


This radio reporter also starts to use his own voice, recorded during the live program, to create a mad soundtrack using a mixing table, where only some words can be understood but the feeling of something familiar can be felt. The whole show builds a path from reality to fiction, looking for resignifications of the journalistic material – maybe as a metaphor, with humor, about how this world is becoming insane. Unions who sing the christmas lottery on the radio, children who were catching a garbage strike for a while, a plague of goats with mange… Wait, was the last one real or not?

Alfredo Miralles

(Foto: Juan Carlos Arévalo)



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