Paloma Muñoz, de la Compañía Siberia: ‘La piel vacía’ – Sarah Funda`s review

Nombre: La piel vacía
Coreografía: Paloma Muñoz, de la Compañía Siberia
Intérpretes: Raquel Klein, Laura Lliteras, Lara Miso, Paula Serrano y Alma Steiner


A single focus from the left illuminates the stage. We count five dancers: Raquel Klein, Laura Lliteras, Lara Miso, Paula Serrano and Alma Steiner. They start in silence, whispering softly, a sensual constellation of bodies, almost immobile in the beginning.

As they dive into the piece with ferocity they move from group constellations to solo choreographies, at times a single dancer breaks out of the group. High kicks luscious back bends imitate a classical vocabulary, but seem to set out to impress more than convey. It is hard to distinguish personalities and relationships among the dancers, yet their latex costumes do create interesting, rhythmical sound effects that accompany their movements much more than the music, that eventually joins them.

A key moment might be when they suddenly drop on the floor, lashing out like wild dogs. A strong image, that nonetheless fails – as does the performance as a whole – to establish a relationship between viewer and performer.


Sarah Funda

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