NEREIDAS – Su PinWen´s review

Title: NEREIDAS – 在瀝青裡呼吸

Creation: Joaquín Collado. Cía. Antes Collado

Performers: Inés Belda, Diana Grytsailo


“NEREIDAS” ─ breathing in asphalt

Such beautiful creatures, Inés Belda and Diana Grytsailo: in E. Miguel’s costumes, they are two beautiful lionfish. Musician M. Levi uses the sound of rain such that we might believe that it is raining outside; while inside, two lionfish are drying out, flipping on the black floor as if on dark asphalt.


Could fish live without water? Could fish breathe? I think: no.

Choreographer Joaquín Collado has made a fifteen-minute work which evokes the last fifteen minutes before death, meticulous and elegant. No drama, no emotion, no stories. Between death and life, there is not too much to do: just breathing, until the end comes of itself. All the movements on the floor make sounds: fins flapping out of water, strong proof of life. As time goes by, quietness becomes silence, but still it is not the end. The dancers are still moving on, though slowly, seeking the perfect repose.


Time’s up. A dog barks.

Darling, I think it’s sunrise again.


Dance review by 蘇品文(Su PinWen)

(Fotografía de J.C. Arévalo)



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