Alberto Almazán: ‘Quienes’ – Sarah Funda`s review

Nombre: When i´m not around
Coreografía: Alberto Almazán
Intérpretes: Alberto Almazán, Adrian Díaz and Marcos Martincano
Música: Belle & Sebastian – Passion fruit

Alberto Almazán, Adrian Díaz and Marcos Martincano are walking in a large circle and looking around, inviting us to join them on a search for some unknown object, or objective. They speed up, are drawn together until they collide and from there expand in seemingly random different directions. Alternately pointing to the floor, the horizon or the ceiling, they seem to have a very clear idea where their journey is leading them. No direct leader is visible but a shared leadership emerges in their search, that at times seems almost ritualistic, like a pilgrimage.

Their movements are minimalistic in the beginning, but precise, conveying a strong but gentle power and become more expansive over time, leading to some impressive lifts and throws. Often sharing a centre of weight they support and are supported, collapse into each other and emerge again.

The soft, intimate lighting becomes brighter and more playful music leads to a joyful, light dance, enhanced by their costumes. Opting for jeans and tshirts to make their whole journey more human and relatable, the dancers display a rare gentleness and coexistence of male vulnerability with strength, in this quiet but moving performance.


Sarah Funda

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