Silvia Batet: ‘Pas de Carla, Iris, Raquel y Goretti’ – Manon Siv’s review

Title: Pas de Carla, Iris, Raquel y Goretti
Choreography: by Silvia Batet

Four pairs of empty sneakers: for a moment I imagine them dancing by themselves. In the back enter four female dancers in blue body suits that emphasise their body structures. In the first act they pile on top of each other in different ways, with one funny moment with their feet and butts towards us, like a new kind of pas-de-huit. Putting on their sneakers, they reveal the classical 1st position the shoes were placed in. Enter the sound of Tchaikovsky, interpreted with swanlike arms, virtuously humoristic and precise.

A reggaeton soundtrack starts interfering with the classical one, as the dancers become ever more individual. One dancer stays alone, possessed by diverse movements, until embarrassedly rejoining the others. To an audio applause, their bodies get intensely shaken to the floor.

This seems like a strong ending, but it is extended into a further scene by two dancers who manipulate the others to the front so that they all lie down in 1st position. The light is almost out when one dancer abruptly sits up coughing, and blood appears, leaving us with the question: was that real or staged? It’s a powerful endnote to this eclectic choreography with strong technique, going through different styles and statements.


Manon Siv

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