Carla Diego: ‘La Viva Muerte’ – Manon Siv’s review

Title: La Viva Muerte

Choreography: by Carla Diego

The curtain unfolds to show five female bodies bent over, close together, in white feminine clothing. Simple, beautiful. We realise that what at first seemed to be skirts, are shorts. The sound of the unison moving rhythmically across the floor draws our attention. One woman falls out of the group, cramping and bouncing as if beaten or thrown in different directions. She rejoins the group that starts a choreography of precise, perfected moves. With their faces looking into the void, you wonder if they are feeling anything or if they are simply executing moves.

There is a clear representation of feminine qualities, yet at times the movement becomes very stylised, losing its motivation and effect. Nevertheless, the synchronicity and precision of individuals and group are very impressive, and the layering of voices and expressions makes it playful.

One woman steps out of the group and squats as she stays observing the others. Are they suppressed or suppressing themselves? The connection in this moment is touching, emotionally enhanced by the sound of a female opera singer. Light and movement fade, leaving us with this clear and significant moment in mind.

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